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Step By Step Guide for Cutting Hair At Home Using Hair Clippers.

Getting a haircut can be an easy thing for you to do at home of only you learn the steps. Whether your hair is long or short, you can reduce it to the desired levels with the aid of a hair clipper. First, before you start the process, you need to have around all the other relevant materials that will help make the process smooth. First, you will require a comb to help straighten out the hair. Then, a pair of scissors for smoothing out the edges along the way and lastly a cape to prevent the hair from landing on your clothes. Once you have all these in places, you have to wash your hair and let it dry; then, you can proceed to the first step.

Fix The Clipper.

The hair clippers come with a variety of blades, each suitable for cutting hair to specific lengths. Most clippers have the edges numbered progressively. The smallest number will give you the shortest or barely any hair, while the most significant will not cut much. On most occasions, you will have to use a variety of these blades just to achieve the look you desire. For further info visit – Hair Clippers Ireland.

Sit Down.

The person who wants to get the shave should then sit down in a comfortable position. To avoid the hair from falling all over, you can spread something on the floor to catch the hair. Use the cape to cover them around the shoulders and tightly on the neck.

Actual Cutting.

The first blade that you are to use should be the largest one. It helps in getting rid of the long growth since you can move it freely all around the head. However, the best way to move is to start from the edges where there is little hair and then proceed to where there is substantial growth. Once you notice there is no more hair falling off, you have to change the blade to a smaller number. Your choice will depend on the type of hair cut desired. Ensure you work against the growth direction of your hair to get a clean and even cut. Move from the back to the front and repeat.

Hold the ears to create a way for the clipper to move each side effectively. If you notice a borderline appearing after using more than one blade, use a clipper blade with a size in between to fade out the difference. Continue changing blades until you achieve the length that is needed. When you finish, use a trimmer to clear the edges on the forehead, back, and also the side buns. The trimmer helps to give a more appealing look. Lastly, use a comb to remove any stray hair. If there is uneven hair, you can cut it using the scissors. Finally, assemble all the items you have used and clean them in warm soapy water.

If you are a beginner, it is recommendable to start with a throughout shave then, as you gain more experience, you can opt for more defined cuts.

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